Healthy Weight Loss and the seca mBCA

Healthy Weight Loss and the seca mBCA

Oct 29, 2020

Healthy weight loss starts with accurate information about your body. And that’s exactly what the seca mBCA provides. This innovative device has helped numerous health care professionals determine crucial aspects of their patient’s health and body.

Thanks to its non-invasive approach, the seca mBCA is a fast and effective tool for measuring key components like body water, muscle mass, fat mass, and more. This is a huge advantage in the medical field, as it allows for greater assistance in determining specific diagnoses.

Why Choose the seca mBCA?

One of the biggest benefits of using the seca mBCA is its ability to help identify symptoms earlier. Without this technology, getting the same results would take multiple appointments stretched out over several days, weeks, or months.

Instead, the mBCA delivers this information in a matter of seconds. Knowing what potential issues you’re dealing with, treatment and care can start earlier and possibly prevent further health complications.

With the help of the body composition analyzer, you can quickly and easily get crucial data on your patients that can help support your diagnosis. From here, you can better recommend therapy and treatment to assist in your patient’s health care.

Furthermore, the mBCA helps expedite recovery by keeping you apprised of how your patient is responding to rehabilitation. By letting you closely monitor their measurements with each analysis, you can effectively make adjustments to their treatment plan.

Using the seca mBCA

Convenience is important, and the seca mBCA excels here. Patients simply step into the unit and grab onto the handrails. Built-in electrodes check the contact’s measurements, giving you detailed data in just 17 seconds.

The seca mBCA also comes equipped with an intuitive touchscreen display. From here, you can save your patient’s measurements and easily transfer them to your electronic medical record system for further assistance in making your diagnosis.

Having this kind of efficiency ensures that patients and medical providers alike are making the most of their time. This allows more patients to be cared for in a single day, eliminating the need for multiple tests and appointments.

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