What You Need to Know Before the First Pediatric Cardiologist Appointment

What You Need to Know Before the First Pediatric Cardiologist Appointment

Feb 03, 2021

Most parents come to learn that their kids had congenital heart conditions when they have developed to almost terminal stages. If you have questions on when to see a pediatric cardiologist, it is advisable to begin when they are still infants.

Check-ups during early childhood will help the pediatric cardiologist near you discover a heart condition in its early stages. Finding out your child has a heart condition can be a lot to handle. However, if the condition is in its early stages, the child can receive cardiac treatments and return to normalcy.

What to Expect

Feeling nervous about your child’s first cardiology appointments is normal. Therefore, you can consider talking to your family members and kids to ease the pressure. After several visits, you will feel more comfortable and less nervous.

When preparing your child for a pediatric cardiology appointment, you can talk to them for them to feel less anxious. The first thing to expect when you bring your child to the clinic is to measure their weight. If their weight is causing heart problems, the pediatric cardiologist might recommend you visit the weight management clinic.

Next, the nurse will check your kid’s blood pressure and oxygen levels. The pediatric cardiologist in Paramus, NJ, might recommend an imaging test for review. After reviewing your child’s echocardiogram, Dr. Subhashini Subramanian might ask you some questions. The doctor can listen to the kid’s heartbeat, palpate their abdomen and ask about symptoms.

Since some heart conditions are hereditary, the doctor might ask you about your family’s medical history. Your doctor might recommend further tests to confirm the diagnosis if you have a history of heart conditions.

Keeping a Record

At the doctor’s office, you can consider record what the cardiologist says. The doctor’s recommendations will help prevent heart conditions and improve your child’s heart function. In case of a heart condition, our pediatric cardiologist at Children’s Center for Holistic Heart Health will recommend treatments immediately to prevent further complications.

Your doctor might recommend follow-up appointments and regular check-ups. Therefore, you can write down the schedule for reference in the future.

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