What You Should Expect During Your Child's Visit to a Pediatric Cardiologist

What You Should Expect During Your Child's Visit to a Pediatric Cardiologist

Mar 18, 2021

Numerous aspects can compel your child to visit a pediatric cardiologist. The appointment could be scary but vital in diagnosing mild heart conditions and adequately evaluating and treating the issue before requiring extensive procedures in the future. Our pediatric cardiologist in Paramus, NJ, utilizes specialized equipment to check on your child’s heart condition in ensuring overall wellness.

What to Expect During the Appointment

Your child should visit the pediatric cardiologist near you if there’s a concern regarding heart defects, irregular heartbeat, or heart disease. Fetal echocardiography is crucial during the early stages of pregnancy to ensure your unborn child has a healthy heart. During the visit, various tests are done through:

  • MRI Scans
  • CT Scans
  • Digital X-rays
  • Echocardiogram

If your child’s condition is severe, a heart surgery can be performed to address the underlying cardiovascular disease.

Compelling Reasons Why Your Child Should Visit a Pediatric Cardiologist

Genetic syndromes, abnormal heartbeat rates, and underlying health issues may result in cardiovascular problems. Various health issues are mild for your child and are easily treated. If your child is diagnosed with severe cardiac problems, an immediate treatment plan is evaluated. Dr. Subhashini Subramanian may recommend you to consider cardiologist appointments to monitor the following:

  • Heart murmurs
  • Heartbeat rates
  • Chest pain related to cardiac issues.
  • Dizziness and fainting

Fetal echocardiography is ideal in examining the structure and functioning of your unborn child. The advanced technique enables your specialist to view the formation of your fetus’s heart and identify abnormalities in your baby’s heartbeat and blood circulation.

Why Your Child Should Visit a Pediatric Cardiologist

Pediatric cardiologists have specialized equipment to check for heart-related conditions.  It’s ideal for your children to visit the specialist if they have issues that include dizziness, chest pain, or fainting. Acquired and congenital heart problems are addressed, and conditions linked to the heart’s health are alleviated.

At Children’s Center for Holistic Heart Health, we recommend your child undergo testing to evaluate the heart condition and minimize potential risks linked to heart health. Please make an appointment with our specialists today and ensure you take care of your child’s heart health today!

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