Children's Weight Loss Program in Paramus, New Jersey

As your child grows up, they shouldn’t worry about their weight. However, it is becoming very common for children to be overweight that is not good for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Subhashini Subramanian at the Children’s Center for Holistic Heart Health is certified in caring for obese patients and managing weight loss programs. Our weight management clinic in Paramus, NJ focus on the evaluation and management of obesity and any medical complications it may cause. We have been successful in our approach, helping patients reach a healthier weight, and make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle through children’s weight management programs in Paramus.

An Initial Screening of Weight Management Programs

At your first visit to our weight management clinic in Paramus NJ, our physician will evaluate your child. We will record family history and information about your child’s medical history. If patients report stomach problems, these will be addressed to increase their comfort while the lab results are being processed. We will also discuss what healthy eating plans and tips patients are following for living a healthy lifestyle. This is highly important as good health starts in the home instead of at the doctor’s office. You can book an appointment below for your children to lose weight at our weight management clinic in Paramus NJ.

During visits to our office, our medical specialist team will introduce the patient and their family. These experts develop a customized plan to improve your child’s eating habits and educate them on living a healthy lifestyle. Our specialists make a plan based on your child’s needs so he or she can be healthy and happy to have a life full of opportunity, fun, adventure, and exploration.

Visit Our Weight Management Clinic in Paramus, NJ

To schedule an appointment with the professional, contact the Children’s Center for Holistic Heart Health, LLC in Paramus, NJ. Dr. Subhashini Subramanian will assure you to taken care of the weight loss program for your children. All these help your child to maintain good health and reach a healthy weight.


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